Kelowna Diesel Repair Experts: your home of unrivaled auto services

How well do you take care of your diesel car or small truck? Presumably not very well going by how unreliable your vehicle has become. The problem is not with your car or truck; it could be where you take it for services.
At Kelowna diesel repair experts, we have been tried, tested and proven. Our services are exactly what your small diesel truck and car needs. With no single complain since our business opened its door for the first vehicle, you had better trust our services to be more than excellent and miles above what you are currently getting. You don’t believe? Try us.
Our range of services

We do virtually every service to make your diesel car and truck to be 100% functional. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Commercial Fleet Maintenance

Diesel engines are quite common in fleets of trucks, buses loaders, excavators among others because they are powerful and reliable for optimal output. In order to keep your fleet intact, maintenance is of utmost importance. At Kelowna diesel, we ensure that all your diesel engines will be checked on regular intervals.  Each of your vehicles will receive personalized attention and the care it needs so that it can keep performing exceptionally.

  • Oil change

Lubrication is a very important aspect for your vehicle. That is why regular check and oil change is necessary. Do not break sweat with a greasy rag and a dipstick, we have this under control.

  • Turbo servicing

Nowadays, almost every diesel vehicle is fitted with a turbocharger. Many drivers are not aware of this until trouble comes only for them to be significantly billed for turbo repair. We will take care of your turbocharger failure and keep your engine performing at the highest level.

  • Scheduled maintenance

Do not wait for your car to fail to take it for servicing. Be proactive and bring it to us for regular scheduled maintenance. This will spare you massive car repair bills and the inconvenience of using public transport once your vehicle breaks down.

  • Engine repair

If your car or truck engine has become a source of embarrassment, come to us. With our state-of-the-art technology, we will diagnose every problem and have it repaired. You will leave with your engine as good as new.

  • Brake service

For emergency, you brake system should always be 100% reliable. You may not know when you need a few things replaced or repaired but we do. Whatever braking problems you have, our technicians will have them solved.

  • Optimum performance

Your diesel car or small truck is build to be a top performer. You should not allow it to take a dive in performance. If you sense any performance issues, we are the first door you should knock. We will get your vehicle to its beast-like performance.

  • Vehicle inspections

Are you worried that your truck or car does not meet all roadworthy tests? We will not only help you know that but also make sure your vehicle is compliant with every traffic and safety standards.

  • Tire services

Tires, being part of what makes your vehicle move, should not be neglected. We do tire alignment, keep your tire pressure in optimal range and replace your worn out tires.

  • Hose & belts repair

Hoses and belts in your vehicle engine should be kept perfect and efficient. We know how to keep them on the check so that they are at 100% efficiency. If it is repair or replacement, we will have it done while you wait.

  • Suspension servicing

We are masters when it comes to vehicle shocks. If it is suspension repair or shocks replacement, you are at the right place with our seasoned experts.

  • AC services

Our ASE-certified experts will attend to your AC services and repairs. Any AC leak will be stopped on its track. Your car/truck AC needs could never be in better hands.

  • Exhaust/muffler repairs

You are bound to fail an emission test if your muffler or exhaust has a problem. And if you neglect your exhaust, it is very expensive to replace it. But we will not let fail the emission test or pay a fortune to have your exhaust replaced. We repair and keep both your exhaust and muffler in great condition.

  • Fuel injector maintenance and servicing

We will keep your fuel injector clean, test fuel flow and do any needed repair to keep your vehicle performing at the top as well as take good care of your engine.

Is this all we have to offer? No way, we offer much more. The only way to know the truth is by coming to us and see for yourself. Don’t they say seeing is believing?

Make your appointment today and let us fine-tune your diesel car and small truck. We have the technicians, technology, experience and the passion to make your diesel vehicle an unmatched master of the road. Come to us and experience out-of-this-world service.