Your diesel-powered vehicle, SUV or truck serves you by performing either one or several tasks including carrying heavy loads, pulling and pushing.  In order to ensure optimal performance, there are a few tips that you can use to check and maintain your diesel engine from day to day as you wait for your scheduled appointment with the automotive technicians. Here is a maintenance checklist you can easily keep up with;

Keeping an eye on the coolant

Diesel engines are well known to be high heat engines and thus the cooling system is very crucial in their performance. First of all, do not mix coolants because this will probably have an adverse effect on your engine and may mess it up altogether.                                                                                                         Secondly, unless it is an emergency, don’t add water to your coolant. Plain water is not an effective coolant as compared to the actual store-bought coolant and in the times of extreme cold, the water may freeze and cause cracking in the engine block.

Do not let the fuel tank run empty

A vehicle that runs on diesel is in trouble if the fuel runs totally dry. This is because it causes an airlock in the fuel lines. This means that air gets trapped in the place of fuel and therefore the engine can’t start and when you refuel, you still need to manually prime the diesel pump to rectify the problem. In order to avoid all the trouble, ensure that the fuel gets topped up before it gets consumed down to the last drop.

Monitor the fuel and air filters

The fuel filters should be replaced routinely during maintenance. The newer diesel engines that have primary and secondary filters should have both replaced at the same time to ensure effective cleaning. Air filters can be inspected without actually removing the filter and then replaced as the need arises. Your engine is protected when the air filters are kept clean.

Check the oil

One rule of thumb is that you should only use oils that are recommended for diesel engines. The oil will require changing every so often but the sure tell sign that you need an oil change is when the viscosity of the oil changes. You will also need to check if there is a buildup of sludge under the oil cap. These two factors will better advise you for an oil change than just blackening of the oil after several kilometers.

Keep your engine clean

This sounds obvious but can be easily overlooked. Do not allow dirt and grime to accumulate in the engine components. If you do, the functionality of your engine gets compromised and its life span gets cut short. Especially for people driving in very dusty areas, you need to ensure your engine doesn’t store up too much dirt.

Pay attention to the turbochargers

Turbochargers ensure that your diesel runs effectively. Therefore, to get the most out of your induction system you will need to, first of all, ensure that you do not just jump into your car, start it and drive off. Always allow the vehicle to start up and run a few minutes to get warmed up. As you do this, you give the oil time to reach each tiny part of your engine that it should including the turbo. Oil additives are also really great for turbochargers and oil systems because diesel engines are known to emit a lot of heat. Oil additives maintain optimal lubrication and ensure the engine runs a long time.

These pointers are easy to keep score of and with the help of your trusted diesel performance repair shop; your diesel engine will be serving you a long while.

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