Winter driving can be a challenge so why not make it easier by equipping your truck with a set of snow tires? While you may feel like your all-season truck tires will do the job, you would be surprised what a difference a set of snow truck tires can make when the conditions get impassable for other vehicles. Here are some of the things to look for when choosing the best snow truck tires for your diesel truck.

  • Look for dedicated winter/snow tires

Dedicated snow/winter tires are made of materials designed to stand up to the coldest temperatures while still maintaining their pliability and tread pattern. The depth and pattern of the tread is what provides you with traction on ice and snow and all-season tires can lose shape in temperatures and conditions beyond their recommendations.

  • Look for a specific tread design

Look for deep lateral grooves and tread lugs. This type of pattern you will find on both dedicated winter/snow tires as well as some all-terrain tires. The difference is, as mentioned above, the winter/snow tires will give you the type of tire material that is able to withstand the temperature lows that the all-terrain tire may not be able to without the tread pattern being distorted. Deep lateral grooves help to grab on ice and snow and the lugs also help to improve traction in deep snow and on icy surfaces.

  • Look for the Alpine symbol

This may seem arbitrary, but look for a symbol of a snowflake within a mountain on the side of the tire you are interested in. This means that the tire is a dedicated snow/winter tire and will stand up to long-term frigid temperatures and features the tread pattern you are looking for. It also helps designate between all-terrain and winter/snow tires if you are looking for one or the other.

Winters can be excruciating in BC, so why not make it easier on yourself and trade in your all-season or all-terrain tires for a set of winter/snow tires. Kelowna Diesel offers a large range of services including tires, and we would be happy to help you find just the right set for your diesel truck. Book an appointment online or call us today at 236-420-0887 and let us help you make this winter and easier drive no matter what you do or where you are going!

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