About Us

Ford master diesel tech certification! Tony has been maintaining and repairing large and small diesel vehicles for over 25 years.

Kelowna Diesel services all makes and models of light duty diesel trucks and cars

Kelowna Diesel has specialty tools to do non invasive repairs on resulting in cost savings for the customer

We are experts in Kelowna servicing diesel vehicles

Cube vans Ford Transit Connect Dodge Ram 5500
  Ford 550 Sprinter Van Dodge Eco Diesel 1500
Ford 250 Dodge Ram Ford 150 Diesel
Ford 350 Dodge Ram Promaster Chevy 3500
Ford 450 Volkswagon Ford Transit Vans
Dodge Ram 3500 Mercedes  Jeep Cherokee Diesel
Dodge Ram 4500 Landrover Sprinter
Sprinter Cargo Van

Our Work

We take pride in the work we do for the community around us and are dedicated to offer complete customer satisfaction and the highest quality control and technical standards. We understand that the world of today is focused more on quantity without giving much thought to quality. We are the select few that focus on quality over quantity.

Quality Service

To make sure that you receive the highest quality repairs and service, we perform multi-point inspections. Community is something that we value highly, so please call us if you have any questions or queries about repair or service for your vehicle.


If you are looking for a one stop diesel repair shop that you can trust, look no further than our Kelowna, BC diesel repair shop. We will help get you back on the road quickly and ensure that all your auto repair needs are properly handled.

Our Commitment to You

The service we offer to you does not stop when you leave our shop. It continues on. We know that the community relies on us to take care of their vehicles and make sure that they have a safe and comfortable ride. It has been this way since we started and we plan to continue this tradition of customer care for many years to come.

Contact us today to book your appointment or better yet you can come by and see us!