Fall is upon us and now is the time to get your diesel engine ready for the cold, winter months. Now is the best time to get all of your important maintenance done, as it is much easier to work on before parts become cold and brittle as well as your fingers. Here are four tips to keep your diesel trouble free all winter long.

  1. diesel performance Kelowna BCChange your fluids

Changing all your important fluids now can assure that you will not have to change them again in the coldest part of the winter. This includes oil, power steering, differential, transfer case, and transmission. Changing over to synthetic fluids will also help as they flow better in colder temperatures. You might also want to change your antifreeze and check your thermostat.

  1. Auto Repair Inspections KelownaCheck for leaks

Check for any minor leaks or other issues. Something that is small now can be expounded on by cold temperatures, snow and road salt. They can not only make the problem worse, but also make it more difficult to find and fix. This is especially the case if you suspect a fuel filter leak. Take care of all the small problems before they become huge problems.

  1. suspension repair service KelownaCheck the hydraulics

Check your brake pads for excessive wear and get them replaced now before the cold weather hits. It is also a good time to change brake fluid to be sure it is clean and free of dirt, air or any other contaminants. Your brakes are one of the biggest safety components on your vehicle so it is always a good idea to keep them in the best shape you can.

  1. Tune-Ups in KelownaCheck your battery

The life span of a diesel truck battery is between two and six years depending on use, temperature, and humidity. Colder temperatures tend to wear out a battery sooner than later. If your battery is more than two years old and seems to be losing power make sure you also check your cables and alternator to make sure they are not an issue. Always keep your battery terminals covered and if you need a new battery make sure you replace both batteries.

Taking care of what may seem like small things in the fall can keep you from having big troubles in the middle of the freezing cold weather. These tips will help keep your diesel running at its best while the leaves fall and as the snow starts to fall. If you have any maintenance or repair needs on your diesel truck, Greater Kelowna Diesel Performance is here to help! Call us today at 236-420-0887 or book an appointment online and let us keep your diesel performing like new!


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